Marine & Industrial Machinery Element Integrator


M.I.E. selected manufacturers that produce high quality marine and industrial equipment certified Classification societies or Flags.
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Deck winches, Windlasses, Capstans, Tug winches, Special application, Cable ferry winches. Engine room traveling crane, deck crane, deck accessories for windlasses and winches.

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Heavy duty marine propulsion and thrusters as well as DOEN Jet drives, all these are made by Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc.

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Turntable bearings and motorized rotation, expansion bellows, large bronze bushings and castings, various signs and stencils for the industry. Emergency signs, routes diagrams.

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Bronze replacement propellers, Bronze stern tube and major propeller repairs.

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Physicochemical certified sewage plants, Vacuum systems, strainers, automatic filters, special filters

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Marine Signs

Safety signs, equipment instructions, equipment diagrams, ship’s lettering stencils special or sets.

About MIE Solutions

Founded in 2010 by Pierre Boisclair, a well-known and experienced marine entrepreneur
Advanced Marine & Industrial Equipment

M.I.E. together with its selected manufacturers will support your needs of up-to-date systems supported by a Canadian as well as a World-Wide service Network. &bsp; Engineering support is available to assist Integrators and Naval Architect and Marine Engineer firms from simple project to larger and broader machinery integration on new built or refitting.

  • M.I.E. selects manufacturers that are dependable, who produce high quality marine equipment, that are certified by Classification societies.

  • Our manufacturers carry ISO certification, and have internal quality control that meets the toughness quality system requirements.

  • M.I.E. do support Owners and Integrators and Shipyards in the selection of equipment as well as for their installation all following specific needs.

  • Canadian content is available on most of our equipment, so we can help the building shipyards and the local suppliers to ADD Canadian value to the proposed equipment.

Mission Statement

Integrity in our Commitment
Our mission is to offer to Canada and USA selected marine and industrial components manufactured by renowned manufacturers that caries good expertise and top quality controls. We are responsive to customers’ expectations in equipment that meets North America operating criteria.

We support our client in all phases of their project, from drawing table with comments and/or support from the maker, using our own shipyard and ship repair experience.

M.I.E. follows a strict code of ethic towards its customer, cooperators and with the manufacturers that he represents.

The President vouched to implement the strictest rules of integrity and confidentially with all its customers, cooperators including all the manufacturers that M.I.E. represents

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