September 19, 2015


Canadian Owners and Designers are showing growing interest for Pod, Azimuth and Stern and Jet drive products for their specific benefits. Various equipment that do maximize the productivity of your marine equipment: barge, boat or vessel .

Here are some exemples of units sold in Canada

 I.            Main Propulsion units II.            Bow Thruster
MV Viateur Spirit  (OD400N) 2 units Barge Lambert Spirit 1 unit
MV Joe Keeper (OD100N) 4 units Barge McCleary  Spirit 1 unit
CCGC Límnos 2 Azimuth units MV Pearl Seas (Halifax Shipyards) 1 unit
Nanuk Transport (Arctic shuttle barge) (OD150N) 2 units
Modular Ice Breaker Boat (OD300N) 2 units
Water Taxi (WM100N) 2 units
Aluminum Work boats  (WM100N) 2 units


Manufactured in U.S.A. our propulsion products are built using the highest standards by Thrustmaster of Texas. Since 30 years Thrustmaster have sold units all over the world.  Thrustmaster have corporate offices and representation in numerous countries.

Our customers are the Ship-owners, the Shipyards, the Navy, the Coast Guard, Construction and Oil Exploration companies to name just a few of them. Many countries including US Marine Corps use Thrustmaster Propulsion for their Emergency Respond units. We are building units from 75 KW to 8000 KW.

Our propulsion solutions are North American made with Service Point in Montreal and in Houston, Texas.  For the units sold in Canada our units do have Canadian Content.

  • Sector of applications: Navy, Commercial, River, Brown or for special application (Oil spill cleaned-up)


Proven units have and are operating in ice in Northern Canadaice-canada

Permanent or removable

  • thrusters-canadaM.I.E. can assist you in the various options of systems, with built-in engine or deck engines, sheltered, soundproofed or regular, we can assist in selecting the best application for the Owners or Designers.



radio-control-canadaRadio Control

  • Units can be controlled for speed and steering with High Quality Radio control emitters and receivers. Wire control units are available for emergency supports



modularModular assemblies

  • Perfect for modular units, we at M.I.E. Can recommend the best propulsion scenarios for cost and for ease of assembly in fields.






  • Portable enclosed Bridge are also available from manufacturer or locally to improve Operator comfort in Cold, rain or snowing conditions. Sizes can vary from one operator to full crew day accommodation.



DP system

  • Special application of construction, or activities where anchoring is not achievable, M.I.E. via Thrustmaster of Texas, can proposed, supply or even rent a solution to accommodate your needs,




  • From Canada and around the world from certified manufacturers and trained technicians, you will be  assisted in from the selection, purchase, installation, commissioning and after this through you daily tasks.